Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn on Theresa May’s EU policy

Britain is in “limbo” with “deep uncertainly” for businesses and workers over the government’s handling of Brexit, the Labour leader said. He told MPs that the prime minister finally reached out to opposition, not at the eleventh hour, but at “five past midnight”. But Jeremy Corbyn said the talks were “serious, detailed and ongoing”, adding […]


Logan Paul ‘unwise’ to do Alex Jones YouTube interview

Image caption Alex Jones laughs and jokes with the podcast hosts during the interview Anti-racism campaigners have called YouTube star Logan Paul “irresponsible and unwise” for interviewing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his channel. Mr Jones is currently banned from YouTube for violating the site’s policy on abusive behaviour. He is also banned from many […]


UK capital city: Stig Abell suggests move from London

Westminster is “falling apart inside and outside”, says Times Literary Supplement editor and author Stig Abell, who suggested moving the UK’s capital to another city Politics Live presenter Elizabeth Glinka got reaction to the idea from Conservative Lord Callanan, Labour’s Lord Falconer, journalist Camilla Tominey and pollster Deborah Mattinson. UK viewers can watch the full […]