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120dB Anti Lost Alarm Wolf Self Defense Safety Personal Attack Alarm Bell

120dB Anti Lost Alarm Wolf Self Defense Safety Personal Panic Rape Attack Alarm Bell Security Protection Device
Large decibels alarm.
Simple structure, easy to replace.
It is small and convenient to carry.

Color: Pink, Yellow, Sky Blue
Material: ABS plastic, resin
Weight: 40g
Battery: 12V 23A*1 section(NOT Included)
Volume: 120dB
Size: 125mm (including pull head) *42mm*22mm/4.92*1.65*0.86”
Using the crowd: women, students, the elderly and other vulnerable groups

Operation Manual:
1. When an emergency or danger occurs, the golden bolt is removed, the alarm is issued, and the danger notice is issued to cause the attention of the surrounding people to give timely help.
2. The alarm is 120 decibels. The alarm can be carried and attached to the bag or hung on the body.
3. Insert the alarm switch to stop the alarm immediately.
4. Replace the battery method: when the alarm sound is relatively small, please use the screwdriver to unscrew the rear cover and replace the new battery.

Warm Tips:
1. This product is not a disposable product, it can be used repeatedly.
2. This product is called for help at critical times. Please do not play in public places at ordinary times, so as not to annoy people.
3. When a gangster attacks or other emergency situations, pull out the control latch.
4. The wolf protection device sends out a strong alarm sound approaching 120 decibels, effectively deterring gangsters.

Please allow slight size differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understand.

Package Content:
1 x Anti Lost Alarm


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