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Personal Rape Safety Attack Alarm Torch Protection with Keychain LED(Pink)


Product Name: heart type lighting alarm

Product Size: 5 x 4 x 2.5cm/1.97 x 1.57 x 0.98in

Cord length: 6cm/2.36in

Product weight: 22g

Material: ABS plastic

Product color: pink

Scope of application: safety protection for elderly, children, students and ladies


1, powerful function. Powerful LED lighting and alarm functions, well received by women.

2, beautiful appearance, stylish design.

3, it is your guardian angel when you encounter danger, 90dB strong warnings spread around can let the bad guys instantly feel uneasy and fear, and thus fled.


  1. Avoid losing: Please hitch thing with accessary rope, and hitch the insert-piece rope over fixed place of your body.
    When the insert-piece is divorced from the annunciator, the annunciator will give an alarm signal.
    2. Defend lady killer: Be applied to the public (as on the bus, subway, and other place), when you get into a danger, please pull the insert-piece out, the annunciator will give an alarm signal, which scares lady-killer and baddie away.
    3. Super Bright LED Light provides illumination in dark areas.

Package Content:

1 x Heart Shape Lighting Alarm

1 x Hanging Rope


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