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Beatrix Potter coin murder: Danny Bostock jailed for life

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Essex Police

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Danny Bostock killed Gordon McGhee after a night of drinking

A man who murdered a coin enthusiast over a collection which included limited edition Beatrix Potter 50p pieces has been jailed for life.

Danny Bostock, 33, stabbed Gordon McGhee, 52, at his Colchester home in August and then attempted to set fire to the property to cover his tracks.

His DNA was found on a ripped package used to store coins, police said.

Bostock, of Baberis Walk, was found guilty of murder and attempted reckless arson and must serve at least 30 years.

During the trial, Ipswich Crown Court was told Mr McGhee had previously shown Bostock, a fellow enthusiast, the collection and he had been “amazed”.

The jury were told Bostock entered Mr McGhee’s unlocked flat in Forest Road, Colchester, in a bid to steal the coins.

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Essex Police

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Gordon McGhee was a coin collector who his family described as “loyal, generous, empathetic and witty”

Bostock stabbed Mr McGhee at least 14 times when he awoke and disturbed him during the burglary before taking some of the collection and trying to cause an explosion.

On 22 August, a day after the pair had been drinking together, friend Melissa McGrory found the flat unlocked, the kitchen gas hob turned on with a burnt dishcloth nearby and Mr McGhee’s bloodied body on the floor, the jury were told.

Bostock had denied owning a pair of Lonsdale trainers that matched impressions found at the scene.

But a branded shoe box was found at his home and CCTV showed him wearing them on the evening of the killing.

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Gordon McGhee died after being stabbed 14 times

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