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Six baby seals found decapitated in New Zealand bay

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The "cruel and senseless" killing of six baby seals took place at Scenery Nook The bodies of six fur seal pups have been found decapitated in a popular bay on New Zealand's South Island.The 11-month-old seals were discovered on Monday by a tourism operator in Scenery Nook in Christchurch, said the Department of Conservation (DOC).The seals' heads could not be found and the

My filler was botched but now I love my natural lips

[ad_1] After 18 months of pain and embarrassment over botched lip filler, we follow Paige, 22, from Doncaster, as she gets hers dissolved.Lip filler is popular on Instagram and amongst celebrities, but unlike Botox, the industry is still unregulated meaning anyone can inject it, and experts say they are seeing more issues as more people get it done.Paige visits Sharon Bennett a nurse and cosmetic practitioner, who is the head

Immigration White Paper: Post-Brexit migration plans unveiled

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The proposals would remove the cap on the number of workers classed as "highly skilled", such as engineers A skills-based immigration system will be introduced to "get control over our borders" when free movement from the EU ends, the home secretary will announce.It will focus on people's "talent and expertise... rather than where they come from", Sajid Javid will say later. The system
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Amphibian that buries head in sand named after Donald Trump

[ad_1] Image copyright EnviroBuild / Getty Images Image caption EnviroBuild, the company which successfully bid to name the creature, added the president's distinctive hair to an image of it US presidents tend to receive their fair share of honours, but Donald Trump may want to ignore his latest one.A newly discovered amphibian that buries its head in the sand has been named after him, apparently in response to his comments

Weather stops plastic waste car reaching South Pole

[ad_1] A car made from waste plastic has been forced to abort its mission to the South Pole because of bad weather.Solar Voyager was set to be the first solar-powered expedition to reach Antarctica.But despite it being Antarctica’s summer, unexpected heavy snow has meant progress has been slow, and now the team have had to turn around.The team from Holland say they’ve still achieved their main mission: to prove plastic

Brexit: ‘Horrified’ firms warn time is running out

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images British businesses have criticised politicians for focusing on in-fighting rather than preparing for Brexit, warning that there is not enough time to prepare for a no-deal scenario.With 100 days to go before the UK leaves the EU, the groups say firms have been "watching in horror" at the ongoing rows within Westminster.The cabinet met on Tuesday to ramp up preparations for a no-deal departure.But the

‘Self-promoters’ cheat the system at work

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images You might have seen their strategically self-regarding emails or watched their self-inflating egos in work meetings.But business school researchers have identified a type of employee who manages to look busy and successful, without actually doing anything useful.The productivity study examined 28 UK workplaces and found staff who appeared to be "highly engaged".But on closer inspection they were found to be "self-promoters" whose lack of effort
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Universities told to end ‘spiralling’ grade inflation

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Universities in England are giving too many students top degree grades, the Office for Students (OfS) has warned. The watchdog's analysis shows the number of graduates being awarded first and upper-second class degrees rose from 67% in 2010-11 to 78% in 2016-17.The OfS says the rise was "unexplained" and could not be fully put down to other factors, such as background, prior attainment and improved

Prosecutors investigate spinal implant – BBC News

[ad_1] Image copyright Getty Images Swiss prosecutors have launched an investigation into a failed spinal implant approved by UK regulators.The total disc replacement implant made by Cambridge-based Ranier Technology left patients across Europe in agony and needing further surgery after breaking inside their backs. Last month, BBC Panorama revealed how the Cadisc L implant was approved for use in humans despite evidence from studies in baboons that it could fail.Ranier